3 Good Wall Colors for your Office

3 Good Wall Colors for your Office

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Many different office interior design ideas were planned out in a typical and general manner in the past, despite what the specific company was. For instance, new hire employees were simply given cubicles, members of middle management were authorized to use offices with doors, and individuals in higher-up positions were given wider, more grand-type spaces with wonderful outdoor scenes. The latter type of offices, however, are now being substantially abandoned in favor of an office space that is bigger and much more open in nature.

These particular types of office locations feature workspaces that are long in size, in which potentially a “boss” and a new employee could end up working together side-by-side. The conference or meeting rooms are also essentially upgraded by featuring glass walls, though the scopes themselves are still enclosed. There are even some larger-sized businesses that have settled their office entrances in ways that would require all of their people to pass through a large break room before ultimately moving on to their assigned cubicles.

It’s not rare for people to get all confused when deciding how to decorate an office. In fact, the process is quite contradictory: you’re supposed to create a working environment that motivates you, but you still expect it to feel comfortable.

To help you start with the interior design for office, here is a list of the good wall colors that you might consider.



If your job requires a lot of thinking, analyzing and supposed to examine different options, then this is the perfect wall color. Blue has the power of calming people, which is why stressed workers like to have it in their offices. Besides, there are many nuances with different effects such as darker shades of blue that inspires confidence and security, and they make a place look balanced and harmonious.



Choosing this is a wall color for office is a very smart choice since it is often related to peace, intuition, and wisdom. Just like blue, purple relaxes minds and engage people effectively so that they would focus on their tasks. That is why academics or other workers that rely on intellect and critical thinking always prefer purple as their color.



Green is perfect for stressful jobs, or such that involve anxiety, short deadlines, and a great amount of responsibility. The more demanding your job becomes the bigger dose of green your office would use. As rich as a palette is, green will always be the top color to attract and maintain attention. In fact, results-oriented people prefer this color because it keeps them stable, motivated, and ready to balance between various activities.


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