3 Steps to Effective Hotel Internet Marketing Chain

3 Steps to Effective Hotel Internet Marketing Chain

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Internet marketing, or sometimes called as online marketing, refers to all the advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce. In addition to the sales of a business that leads from websites or emails, internet marketing also helps a brand to boost its popularity.

Internet marketing and online advertising efforts are typically used in conjunction with traditional types of advertising such as radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. Nowadays, since we are living in a world where a smartphone is an essential part of our everyday life, social media platforms, web pages, websites, emails, and other online sheets has become part of the marketing strategies of companies.

Internet marketing can also be broken down into more specialized areas such as the following:

  • Web marketing includes e-commerce Web sites, affiliate marketing Web sites, promotional or informative Web sites, online advertising on search engines, and organic search engine results via search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Email marketing involves both advertising and promotional marketing efforts via e-mail messages to current and prospective customers.
  • Social media marketing involves both advertising and marketing (including viral marketing) efforts via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Digg.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) involves the optimization of landing pages within your website to increase the number of visitors.

If you are an entrepreneur, especially a hotel owner (or even co-owner), you can follow these 3 easy steps to achieve an effective internet marketing strategy that suits your needs.

Step 1: Create

  • Create and Upload Custom Facebook Pages
  • Create and Promote Destination Blogs
  • Search Optimized Video
  • Photo Sharing
  • Create Twitter (and other social media accounts)

Step 2: Manage and Promote

  • Integrating and Cross-Linking Channels
  • Grow Fan-base
  • Press Releases and Articles

Step 3: Monitor


Bottom Line

While we make our best efforts to bring you the most effective channels and strategies, given the rate at which the social media space is evolving, it is likely that things may evolve and the channels we mention today may have changed. Social Media is an integral part of the real-time search algorithm. It, basically, creates a real connection between companies and customers or prospective customers, and that connection equals to purchase intent. Ongoing connection and relationship with your customers will eventually turn them into a volunteer marketing army.

Make sure that social media is an integral part of your overall marketing plan.  If you are limited on budget and resources, still keep monitoring the social media domain and do the best you can. SEO for hotels is a must especially nowadays because we are living in a tech world. Hoteliers who want to be ahead of the curve should invest today in the media that is fast emerging as the future of internet marketing.



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